What Does It Take to Be a Virtual Medical Assistant?


Are you in search of a new career? If you have a sudden fancy for an online job and feel that virtual medical assistance is interesting for you, then there are some considerations you must think on.

Going into a new career, especially one not so familiar with you, is a challenge. Being a virtual medical assistant may sound like a flashy job title, but it is also far from being just a walk around the park. There are a few things you need to figure out or pick up before starting on this new career. You will need them to be able to live up to the expectations of the job.

While it could be expected that you already have a grasp of basic assisting tasks like business correspondence through calls and emails, balancing schedule of appointments and day-to-day errands, or document handling and writing, the more technical tasks involved in the job description is an important study. Although they could also be learned while on the job, it is to your advantage to have even a simple background.

Here are three considerations to look into before trying out the virtual medical assisting niche:


  1. Familiarity with a Virtual Medical Assistant’s Tasks

What exactly do you know about the job description? Do you know enough to understand what will be expected of you?

To be in this line of work you must first understand the kind of work you will be doing for clients. The more that you know about the different tasks, and more importantly how to do them accordingly, the more you will succeed in this job. Prior knowledge, or better yet a background in medical practice, will go a long way and pave the path for your easy adaptation to the job making everything easier for you.


  1. Knowledge of Basic Medical Terminologies and Technicalities

What exactly do you know about the basics of medical terminologies and technicalities? Do you think it will be easy for you to learn and pick up things along the way?

This is why it will be a good start if you have a background in medical practice like working in the medical field once, maybe as a nurse, a nursing aid, and the likes. This way you already have an idea of how this field operates making your work all the more easier, and only having to learn a few things.

Being a virtual medical assistant, you will have to encounter medical terminologies and jargons in your daily assistance to a medical practitioner. If you already understand them beforehand, you will be a very effective and efficient assistant as opposed to having to still learn them on the side while doing your tasks. Of course, the latter is doable and possible, but just imagine how more convenient it will be for both you and your client if you already have an inside scoop on how this world works. It will also mean less training time.

Technicalities will come around anytime while dealing with different tasks for your client like doing some paperwork or communicating with patients. Questions regarding illnesses and appointments from patients or colleagues of your client will no doubt be laced by these terminologies and technicalities, so you have to be ready for them. Understanding their barest meaning will help you do your work well with hardly any hitch.


  1. Proficiency of Administrative and Internet Skills

How well do you understand administrative work? Can you manipulate the computer well, or maneuver through the net like coasting a well-paved road?

You probably already know how to do most of the basic office work. After all, anybody can answer the phone, take down notes, manage documents, and oversee schedules and reminders. But, as a medical virtual assistant, there are some tasks that will involve highly technical topics relating to the medical practice like medical transcription, medical research, and documenting medical records. There are other skills that you may need to learn as you go along as well to keep up with the demands of the job and the nature of the tasks.

You may already be tech savvy, and that is a plus point for you since technology and the internet will always be present in your tasks. The best example would be when doing research, where your internet skill will definitely come in handy. You may have to do some basic website maintenance, blog posting or commenting, and social media marketing depending on what you and your client agree upon. Are you familiar with these? Maybe, it’s time to do so.

Trying something new is not easy, more like an uneven patch of dirt road. It is a struggle you have to surpass through patience and practice. But before going on the journey, there are some gears you need to equip yourself with. As some say, don’t march into a battle unarmed, which is really a sound philosophy to have. After all, how can you fight if you can’t even throw a punch?

So, after reading these considerations, what have you decided? Are you interested in becoming a medical virtual assistant?


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4 Sure-Fire Signs You Need Additional Personnel


“Most people have been so bustling, knocking themselves out perplexingly to do all they consider they should do, they never get around to what they wish to do.” – Kathleen Winsor


Most commercial operation owners as well as group leaders reason off upon employing a single staff for their businesses until they finish up all tired as well as overwhelmed. And do we know why they do this? Three reasons: 1) since they think that they can do it all themselves, 2) they don’t wish to outlay money, as well as 3) they don’t wish to give up control. 

There comes an indication where we have to sense to let go of small things, move in a little competent people, so we can concentrate upon large things which set up your business. Here are 4 sure-fire signs that it’s time to begin seeking (and asking) for assistance. 

  1. Your inbox looks similar to 2 million ‘spammers’, who have sent you mail… though they haven’t. How most critical letters of seductiveness emails (and sales) have we forgotten responding to simply because it was buried at the bottom of your inbox? If you’re a categorical hit chairman for your business, you can’t mean to let requests rise up unanswered as well as unread for days in your email accounts. Today’s consumer wants present benefit as well as if you haven’t responded to their minute of exploration inside of 48 hours, they’ll take their commercial operation elsewhere. 
  2. You stand in engagement appointments as well as blank deadlines left as well as right. Dropping a round with clients or impending clients isn’t starting to teach certainty in your capability to encounter deadlines. Lots of my clients have unintentionally stood in requisitioned appointments as well as afterwards found out after an actuality which they in truth longed for a single of them. If your report is so full of customers or alternative meetings which we need a GPS usually to navigate by your work week, it will be the time to secure an assistant.  
  3. You haven’t outlayed more than 5 waking hours in the final 5 days with your associate or children, as well as your dog attempting to punch you since he suspected you were an intruder. I know this sounds funny, though believe me, this unfolding does happen! If you find that you’re putting in over 60+ hours a week during your place of business, we really need to secure a single personnel or a good human resource company, like Solvo Global, to save more time. It’s time to have a list of all the tasks we perform in a single day as well as confirm which ones we can nominate to that one person or freelance company. Freeing up a little of your changed time will concede you to combine upon what you do best, namely flourishing your own business. 
  4. The IRS called as well as they’re seeking for taxation profits from 2000 as well as we haven’t a idea where they’re stored. This is when perfect fear will set in. Busy commercial operation owners lend towards you to suspend upon you do ‘small’ things which might be vapid as well as time consuming, similar to elementary filing as well as a classification of bureau paperwork. Yet these tasks have to be taken care of or else you can find yourself in a genuine connection when we need to find a stipulate or request as well as it’s buried in a 3 feet tall rise of lax papers. It might take you two hours to find what you’re seeking for as well as you’re still left with which towering of paper. On an alternative hand, if we hired a part-time partner as well as it took her 2 hours to set up your primary filing system, from afterwards upon it might usually take 10 mins to find a specific document.

In closing, one more certain pointer which we need to secure a single benefit is when we comprehend we haven’t had a genuine eighth month in over a year, as well as you can’t see yourself receiving time off for 6 months. Whoa! Time too behind a lorry up as well as revisit a genuine reason you went into commercial operation in an initial place. we don’t consider it was to work yourself into an early grave, was it?


Working with a Career Coach

Getting Maximum Benefit from the Coaching Experience

Make informed choices when deciding to work with a career coach so you can maximize the benefits and walk away with positive results that can last a lifetime.

The ultimate goal of career coaching is to help you evaluate and direct your goals, including providing insight into skills, work style, enhance your ability to overcome barriers and assist in translating your skills and experience into accomplishments that matter. You are embedded in a web of perceptions about yourself, your abilities and effectiveness.

How Coaching Can Help You Gain Insight

The essential tool for increasing self-awareness is feedback. Feedback can reveal your underlying style, beliefs patterns, preferences, and wants and needs. Feedback is also important to keep you on track with your goals. Most people’s self-esteem and sense of success are tied to satisfying others’ expectations. When this happens you often lose touch with what you value and want for yourself.

A coach can provide this type of honest and objective feedback assisting you in effectively articulating what you are looking for in your work life. This process then leads to identifying your niche and clarifying what makes you attractive to potential employers

How Coaching Can Clarify Your Goals

Identifying your goals means to reflect on what drives your decisions and actions. A coach can help you uncover your true passions and translate them into career goals. True reflection, however, requires you to make time for this process and for you be willing to put in the work and effort.

A coach can not tell you what to do but he or she can guide you to discover the path you are longing to be on by asking the right questions and providing you with the right tools and resources. Each person is different and each circumstance is unique, a good coach recognizes this and will tailor his or her approach accordingly.

How Coaching Can Help You Identify and Overcome Barriers

It is important to discuss roadblocks and challenges with your coach when you experience them. A coach can work with you to understand the issues and develop strategies for avoiding them in the future. Through effective coaching, you learn to internalize the ability to adapt and grow continuously by stepping back, identify your interests and choose actions that align with those interests, your values, and goals.

If career coaching is to have a positive impact, your active participation is essential and must be voluntary. Be open to accept feedback and be willing to test and revise your assumptions about your development needs. Lastly, be clear and realistic about your goals and set attainable timelines to achieve your goals